"Ayubowan" - May you be blessed with long life-
Lively heaven on earth, Blessed with golden sun rays throughout the year, which gives strength to blooming flower buds kissing the blowing wind, and passes the message of prosperity, love and pride of the nation. Wind gives the message to birds; they fly through clouds and come to you to reveal the secret of this golden paradise. Yes we are proud to be a part of the great civilization, blessed with people, who are rich with great hospitality, gentle and courteous manners which are hearty linked with Buddhism.

You are lucky to see warm smiles on every face. It’s always a treat to visit our sacred Island which is filled with natural beauty & people who are rich in great hospitality.

Sri Lanka, better known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the Island surrounded by the Indian ocean, is blessed with sandy beaches, breathtaking diversity of sceneries, wild life, small lively villages and hill country. Cool breeze which blows form the Indian Ocean always kisses the sandy shores of Sri Lanka. It is a blessing to have sunshine throughout the year as we do in this small paradise.

Visit the sacred land, relax and enjoy throughout an extraordinary vacation.

Take back unforgettable memories with you, to cherish a lifetime, from this ‘little heaven on earth’.
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